Tuesday, 18 February 2014

DIY accessory organizer

   I can never find same earrings and all my accessories are in total mess. I wanted to find a perfect accessory organizer but I did not want to spend much money on it. Then I had an idea that I can do it by myself. I went to grandmas’ and in her old stuff searched for some things that I may use for it. I found a nice picture frame and old lace. I decided that I would do a vintage accessory organizer.
Frame, paper, fabric, lace, scissors and a glue-gun. (Optional: things you like, some decors)
Take the glass from your frame off. Cut the paper as it fits into your frame. Cut fabric but bigger than the frame is. Stick decors on the paper. Glue the fabric to the paper from the backside so that no glue is in the front. Cut lace to as many parts as you want. Glue lace in the backside of the paper but also in some places (3-4) in the front. Put the paper into the frame. Of course, if you wish you can paint the frame or add more décor on it. This was just my idea. Put your accessories on it and hang it on a wall or just put it on some shelve.
   That is pity that this organizer is useful only for a half of my accessories but I still like it very much. It is perfect complement for my room and tells a lot about its owner. Hope you like it!
   If you decide to make it, I would like to see it! Write comments and see you soon in my next post!

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