Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rainy day

     This summer is the weirdest summer in my life. It's been cold and rainy almost every day. I wore short skirt only twice! But these are holidays and I wanna enjoy them fully!
     I enjoyed reading and wearing pijamas. Currently I'm reading Michael's Cunningham book "The Hours". It's even better if you read the corresponding Virginia's Woolf "Mrs.Dallway". What else I have done this summer? I even can't tell. It's been lazy and sleepy summer. Ofcourse I had long walks, a little bit of travelling, been to Brainstorm concert, brightening rainy day with some cool and colorful flowers and refreshed my "tiny" Spanish knowledge ^_^ Soon more travelling is waiting for me where, I hope, I will finally feel this summer. Sun, beach, sea and getting tan... Can't wait!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Food is my passion

     Food. Food is my passion. Even if it sounds weird and logical, I can't live without food. I love cooking. Food needs to be "pretty, look "yummy". Mostly I'm cooking very simple dishes and not using reciepes. I somehow know which ingrediants will taste good together. If I cook using recipe, probably I will fail. Am I the only one?
     It's summer. My food consists mostly of vegetables. Same vegetables. But it always looks and tastes differently. Also, I like using grill during summer, so, sometimes, meat, fish and vegetables I cook on it.
     Here are some of my recent "works". Don't judge me ;) And feel free to ask "recipes" in the comments (actually, there is no recipe of any of this dish :D).

Thursday, 23 July 2015


       Lately I'm so into henna tattoos. If you are not familiar with it, it's natural paste with which you can draw tattoos on your body. The drawing is bright around 5 days and then it slowly disappears (at least my henna paste does like that). I like these drawings! I do not have any real tattoo and I think I won't have any, so this is a great option. If you are considering doing a tattoo, first you can draw the henna one and see how you like it.
       Drawing them is so fun! When I'm bored I draw them! It's nice for hanging out with your friends and drawing them to each other. It's basically a new tattoo every day!
       You can buy it in some stores, more likely with Indian stuff, but I bought mine on eBay and I am not disappointed!
       Check out some of my drawings!