Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rainy day

     This summer is the weirdest summer in my life. It's been cold and rainy almost every day. I wore short skirt only twice! But these are holidays and I wanna enjoy them fully!
     I enjoyed reading and wearing pijamas. Currently I'm reading Michael's Cunningham book "The Hours". It's even better if you read the corresponding Virginia's Woolf "Mrs.Dallway". What else I have done this summer? I even can't tell. It's been lazy and sleepy summer. Ofcourse I had long walks, a little bit of travelling, been to Brainstorm concert, brightening rainy day with some cool and colorful flowers and refreshed my "tiny" Spanish knowledge ^_^ Soon more travelling is waiting for me where, I hope, I will finally feel this summer. Sun, beach, sea and getting tan... Can't wait!

     What does your summer looks like?

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